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XMOS voice processor delivers 2-channel full duplex AEC

  • Autor:Ella Cai
  • Solte em:2017-12-05
XMOS has brought out a voice processor which delivers 2-channel full duplex AEC  for developers working in the  voice-enabled smart TV, soundbar, set-top box, and digital media adapter markets, all of which require stereo-AEC support for “across the room” voice-interface solutions.

The processor  also supports configurable AEC latency, where the AEC reference signals can be accurately calibrated, and the latency adjusted, to enable after-market far-field voice accessories for existing consumer electronics products.

With  the processor comes a  stereo AEC far-field linear microphone array solution, the VocalFusion Stereo Evaluation Kit (XK-VF3500-L33).

“This device and evaluation kit will fuel further growth in the integration of embedded voice controlled devices at the edges of our rooms, particularly those used for high quality music and TV control,” says CMOS CEO Mark Lippett.

As with all other XMOS voice solutions, commands are accurately captured from across the room for processing by a cloud-based speech recognition system, even in complex acoustic environments.

The XVF3500 voice processor delivers sophisticated voice digital signal processing (DSP) including a full duplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) with barge-in capability that enables users to interrupt or pause a device that’s playing music, and an adaptive beamformer that follows a speaker.

Additional sophisticated dereverberation, automatic gain control, and noise suppression provide crystal clear voice interaction experiences even in noisy environments.