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sureCore joins GloFo FD-SOI 22nm partner programne

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-10-17
sureCore, the Sheffield embedded SRAM specialist, has joined GloFo’s  FDXcelerator Partner Program and will make both their Low Power “PowerMiser” and Ultra Low Voltage “EverOn” SRAM offerings available on GloFlo’s 22nm FD-SOI process technology.

PowerMiser delivers dynamic and static power savings exceeding 50 percent and 20 percent respectively. EverOn is the first commercially available SRAM to enable robust and reliable operation at near threshold voltages delivering hitherto unprecedented power savings. sureCore SRAMs are built from standard foundry bit cells and need no process modifications

“GF’s 22FDX is a logical next step for developers who are currently in 28nm bulk processes” says sureCore Caeao CEO Paul Wells,  “we believe the 22FDX technology offers many technical and commercial benefits when compared to standard bulk CMOS technology.

Combined with sureCore’s low power SRAM technology it will provide a best-in-class platform for the development of low power devices. In particular the EverOn SRAM will enable developers of IoT and Wearables the capability to deliver true near threshold operation by voltage scaling in tandem with the logic. Operation at as low as 550mV, the bit cell retention voltage, is a real game changer.”

“Our collaboration with sureCore enables customers to fully leverage the benefits of GF’s 22FDX platform and meet the ultra-low-power requirements of next generation connected devices,” said Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of product management at GF.

Key to the break-through is sureCore’s patented “smart-Assist” technology that allows robust operation down to the bit cell retention voltage. Other architectural improvements include enhanced sleep modes as well as array subdivision into four banks, each being independently controllable to be active, in retentive sleep or powered off thereby facilitating even greater power efficiency.

The challenges of near-threshold design drove sureCore to implement a verification and characterisation regime exploiting leading edge EDA tooling as well as extensive silicon validation using targeted process skews.

Successful completion of industry standard High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) tests has confirmed the inherent robustness and reliability of the EverOn SRAM.