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Yangtze River to break memory monopoly

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-09-20
Yangtze River Memory Technology Corporation (YMTC),  China’s multi-billion dollar memory start-up, will break the unhealthy monopoly of the big memory players, according ot its general manager Simon Yang.

“These products have been monopolized by some international giants, which creates imbalance in the field and is unhealthy,” says Yang.

China now has 55% of global IC market, and the financial and policy support also allow enterprises to proceed through the accumulation stage. Yang believes that given good project and mechanism, talents are much more likely to gather in China.

He attributes success to three essential factors: “Finding the right people; Making the right investment and Doing the right thing”.

“Finding the right people” means finding those with an open mind, courage, down-to-earth attitude and a good track record.

“Making the right investment” means forward-looking investment in advanced technology R&D. “We would be easily left behind if the IC industry kept growing at the present pace; we would lose competitiveness thoroughly if we lagged behind for 5 years.”

“Doing the right thing” requires the creation of an international mechanism characterized by independent R&D and global cooperation as well as involvement in global competition.

YMTC is going for NAND rather than DRAM.

“Both DRAM and NAND Flash are applied to many products simultaneously,” explains Yang, “however, from the perspective of business operation, whether to start with DRAM or 3D NAND is both a technical issue and an economic one. If we go for DRAM, two extra problems pop up: first, rivals have massive depreciated products; second, demands for DRAM grow relatively slow. Therefore, I think M&A is a better choice for DRAM field.”

Flash memory cell technology is evolving from traditional floating gate to closed-loop-gate charge trap, and charge trap is one of the technological strengths of YMTC.

“3D NAND is a major breakthrough for YMTC, and what we need to do now is to make 3D charge trap memory,” says Yang, “the structure features high performance and low cost, which presents a great advantage. Another important reason is that apart from some global leading firms, most participants are stuck in competition, which is good for new players. R&D is never an easy job, but it also represents an opportunity.”

“YMTC chose 3D NAND because of enterprise requirement, technological advantage and partners, and this fits in with the national strategy,”concludes Yang, “we are now on the right track and achieving tremendous progress, but we are not satisfied with that, as there is still room for faster growth.“