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WVGA GaN microdisplay from Leti

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-05-24
“10μm pixel pitch technology will help address the demand for augmented-reality glasses for consumer and professional users, head-up displays for vehicle drivers and for pico projectors,” said the lab.

Said to be the finest pixel pitch ever, the self-emissive display is hybridised on a CMOS circuit using Leti’s ‘micro-tube’ technology
“With this result, Leti’s technology has reached an important milestone,” said Leti project manager François Templier. “We will continue to work towards a 5μm pixel pitch and, beyond that, on a new technology that will take GaN LED microdisplays to less than 5μm pixel pitch.”

The monochrome (blue or green) display will be demonstrated at booth 1315 during Augmented Reality Video at Display Week in Los Angles
An invited paper there, ‘A novel process for fabricating high-resolution and very small pixel-pitch GaN LED microdisplays’, will describe pitch reduction to 3μm.

Leti is collaborating with III-V Lab on this programme.

III-V Lab, created in 2004, with 120 researchers in the Paris region, is an ‘economic interest grouping’ between the CEA (which owns Leti), Thales and Nokia, dedicated to industrial research and development of optoelectronic and microelectronic components based on III-V semiconductors, and their integration with silicon circuits.