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Vayyar Imaging and Mini-Circuits offer educational kits

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-18
Vayyar Imaging and Mini-Circuits are offering  educational project kits for engineers and students.

These kits will introduce highly advanced practices with a focus on electromagnetic, RF and microwave technologies in university classrooms and programs

The first kit  includes all the elements required to build vector network analyzers and algorithms for RF devices.

The kit will features Vayyar’s transceiver chip that consolidates RF components from Mini-Circuits.

The goal of this kit is to eventually close the existing gap in school curricula between classroom theory and the advanced RF measurement equipment that engineers use in labs today.

Vayyar encourages the exploration of RF and microwave imaging technology.

Vayyar’s next generation of its RF sensors make it possible to get a clear, accurate image of everything happening in the environment around you in real-time.

From use in automotives to smart homes to hospitals, there are countless applications for this technology.