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UK-made Pico scope chosen for high-voltage discharge analyser

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-29
Spanish high-voltage tester firm Diael has chosen a UK-made PC oscilloscope as part of is latest partial discharge analyser – partial discharge measurement is a way to assess the condition of insulation in high-voltage installations.

Diael’s new system, dubbed MS Pico, uses Diael’s proprietary ‘BlueBox’ technique in which digital processing separates transient events that are a characteristic of partial discharge (PD) from normal patterns of the electrical noise – even when PD signals are buried in random noise.

It applies a wavelet transform to acquired signals and statistically analyses resulting components to distinguish the characteristic transient of PD events from the statistical evolution of electrical noise.

By using two sensors on a long line, and synchronised data capture, time difference analysis on the de-noised signals reveals where along the line PD is occurring.

Diael-BlueBoxTo separation closely-spaced PD sources on a line, the BlueBox technique extracts three parameters from each event. “Two parameters, α and β, correlated with the asymmetry of the pulse envelope and other parameter ω correlated with the frequency of the PD pulse,” said the firm, which then represents each even in three dimensional  α, β, ω space (see diagram) where different types of PD – corona, internal defect or surface defect, for example – can be distinguished because they show up in different regions.

For front-end signal capture, Diael has selected a PicoScope 5000D FlexRes oscilloscope from Pico Technology of Cambridgeshire.

“The PicoScope 5000D enables capture of high-speed transients, with sampling speeds to 1Gsample/s at 8bit resolution, and can be switched to measure slower signals with up to 16bit resolution and greater than 70dB SFDR, making it ideal for the wide range of signals that need to be captured with the MS Pico test system.” said Diael MD Javier Ortego.

Pico Technology has been designing and making PC oscilliscopes in the Uk for over 25 years. it makes instruments up to 25GHz.