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UK fintech start-up investment booming

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-27
The UK is in third place for fintech start-up investment, reports Innovate Finance, with $500 million invested in start-ups in H1 2017. Third cane from US VCs.

This was 37% up on H1 2016 but down on the $676 million invested in H1 2015.

However, the $500 million is nearly 50% more than the H2 2016 figure which suggests that Brexit woes have dissipated in the VC community.

60 out of the 300 firms in Innovate Finance say they would be affected if the UK lost its passporting rights to trade on the Continent.

A further $155 million of VC was invested in fintech start-ups in the first three weeks of July.

The UK is third in the world for fintech start-up investment after the USA and China.

The US had $3.3 billion infested in fintech start-ups in H1 2017 and China had $1 billion.