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Trillium launches SecureSKYE

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-24
Trillium, the automotive cybersecurity specialist, has  launched  SecureSKYE, a data mining and analytics solution for cars.

SecureSKYE creates a dynamically updated profile of the car and its driver. Using data-mining and analytics, ‘safety-and-security’ applications and services such as geolocation-based emergency services, insurance tech solutions including ‘Usage-Based Insurance,’ ‘CyberSecurity-as-a-Service,’ ‘Forensics-as-a-Service’ and even preemptive vehicular maintenance are all made possible. 

SecureSKYE’s analytic outputs are customisable to meet individual requirements and allows  insurers to tap into a new  revenue pool through enablement of a market for the profitable underwriting of autonomous vehicle and connected car insurance policies, as well as the roll-out of new fee-based services and applications. 

” Car insurance will be transformed from a ‘passive financial safety net’ to a ‘proactive life saver.’ It’s a ‘win-win-win’ for insurers, auto manufacturers and vehicle owners,” says Trillium CEO David  Uze. 

Trillium has delivered SecureSKYE to a Japanese OEM customer. SecureSKYE is available for implementation in either blockchain or cloud-based formats.