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Toshiba deal stymied by payment issue

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-14
Toshiba’s plan to sell its memory unit to a Bain/INCJ/Hynix consortium for $19 billion ran into trouble because the consortium wants to pay in instalments and Toshiba wants the money up front, reports Bloomberg.

This has prompted last week’s move to re-open talks with Western Digital and Hon Hai about selling the business to them. Hon Hai is said to have offered $30 billion.

Meanwhile the dispute with Western Digital over whether Toshiba has the right to sell the business gets increasingly ferocious with Toshiba barring WD employees from access to their jv fab and stopping WD from supplies of the jv’s most advanced chip – the 96-layer NAND.

And a further dispute brews over Hynix’s role because Hynix is looking for the rights to a future equity participation in return for financing dome of the deal which would probsbly lead to s government anti-trust investigation because of Hynix’s position as a NAND supplier.