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ThoughtSpot funding reaches $160m

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-18
Five year-old Palo Alto start-up ThoughtSpot has just raised another $60 million taking its total funding to date to $160 million.

The company says its technology takes the place of using analysts to investigate markets.

The company’s search technology takes company data and produces conclusions from it such as potential customer profiles and projected sales numbers illustrated with graphs and charts.

ThoughtSpot’s SpotIQ product is said to be capable of generating relevant questions about a business. The company says it is ‘like having the power of a thousand analysts in your hand’.

“It’s not easy to know where to look in your data for insights, let alone find the time to build your own reports and dashboards,” says the ThoughtSpot blurb, “using the power of AI, SpotIQ accomplishes in a single click what it would take 1000 analysts to find answers from their data.”

The lead investor in ThoughtSpot is Lightspeed Venture Partners.