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The Estonian Option

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-03
Estonia is offering an answer to Brexit. If we’re out of the single market and customs union in March 2019 then UK companies wanting to continue trading with the EU can do it by paying €100 to Estonia for EU eResidency.

The Estonian option gives the company all the benefits of being in a country which belongs to the EU. 

There’s no need for anyone in the company to visit Estonia, there is no need to employ anyone in Estonia, but you do have to pay the Estonian corporation tax of 20%, although the tax is waived if you re-invest profits and don’t pay dividends. 

The process of becoming an Estonian company takes a month and involves a visit to your local Estonian embassy. 

86 UK companies have already taken the Estonian option and registered in the country. 

Estonia has been notably sophisticated in adapting to the  digital economy.