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Texas replacement for sulphuric acid in batteries.

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-29
Tydrolyte of Texas is introducing an electrolyte solution for automotive, motive, and stationary storage lead battery manufacturers.

Tydrolyte is a less toxic drop-in replacement for sulphuric acid in lead batteries, claims the company

“Tydrolyte is a novel innovative chemistry and a promising new approach to advancing lead batteries. It eliminates the drawbacks of handling sulfuric acid including safety, storage, disposal and insurance. Even more importantly, initial tests demonstrate that it may improve some critical performance parameters,” says Paul Bundschuh, CEO Tydrolyte (pictured) “another benefit is that as a drop-in replacement the new electrolyte doesn’t require any change in existing paste recipes, production technology, or equipment, so battery manufacturers can switch to it easily.

A white paper with independent test results available at demonstrate the potential of this material to increase battery life, battery efficiency and charge acceptance.