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Tegernsee: Harwin extends Gecko range

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-09-20
Harwin has extended the scope of its Gecko (Gecko-SL) 1.2 mm pitch connectors  – mainly aimed at avionics, military and autosport deployment.

“We are the market leader for small pitch rectangular connectors that must not fail,” Harwin’s Andrew McQuillen told the Publitek pre-Electronica meeting in Tegernsee this morning.

A reverse fix orientation has now been made available for the  stainless steel screw-loks incorporated into each Gecko-SL.

Here it is the male connectors that serve as the floating fixings and screw into the female connectors-as opposed to conventional Gecko-SL systems, where it is the female connectors that have the floating fixings.

The Gecko-SL Reverse Fix is available on both male and female cable housings.

For this version, the female connectors can be used in a panel-mount arrangement, with a threaded stud positioned on the rear of the screw-lok.

Slotted nuts and hexagonal nuts are both available separately.

Surface mount and throughboard PCB versions of both male and female connectors are also available, with the threaded stud on the female connectors for board mount strain relief.

Gecko-SL products are now supported by a range of ready-to-use cable assemblies covering a broad spectrum of customer requirements.

Both male and female single-ended versions are offered, and double-ended male-to-male, male-to-female and female-to-female arrangements with the possibility for numerous different pin counts and cable lengths to be specified.

There are additional screw-lok options being added for the male cable connectors (now with panel mount) and male PCB connectors- surface mount and throughboard – now without board mount studs