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Synapse Design buys Tech Vulcan

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-11-20
Synapse Design has bought IC design house Tech Vulcan of San Diego which gives Syynapse 45 engineers and a second design center in California.

Tech Vulcan provides SOC VLSI design services ranging from RTL design, functional verification, physical design, test vector development to ATE testing and product commercialization.

Pradeep Mishra, Tech Vulcan, CEO, says Synapse is “a company that shares our customer focus and our passion for successfully completing some of the most complex ASICs and SOC designs today.”

Synapse Design recently bought  Asilicon of Ranchi, India.

Synapse claims to support “95% of the world’s top IDM, ODM and fabless semiconductor companies who develop products for automotive, 5G, IOT, storage data, gaming, camera, mobile and networking markets.”

Over the past year, Synapse  has taped out 35 complex SoCs ranging from 16nm/14nm to 7nm process technology. Synapse also delivers embedded software services for storage and LTE products.

“We are excited about the tremendous customer-driven growth we are experiencing,” said Satish Bagalkotkar, President and CEO, Synapse Design. “Providing design centers in multiple locations offers our customers increased access to innovative engineering design talent while providing flexible business models,” says Synapse CEO Satish Bagalkotkar.

“We are able to easily and quickly absorb the new design centers because we have developed a formula for both the businesses and the design processes that is repeatable and consistent,” says Devesh Gautam, COO of  Synapse,“this structured approach to our business units allows us to leverage knowledge across all design centers and ensures that we can measure and improve our business.”