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Steady as she goes at Infineon

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-02
For calendar Q2, Infineon had revenue of €1,831 million for a profit of €338 million at a gross margin of 38.2%. The company expects the same revenues in calendar Q3.

Revenue was 4% up sequentislly and 12% up y.o.y. Profit was up 24% sequentially and 33% up y-o-y.e

“Our forecast has been fully confirmed,” says CEO Reinhard Ploss, “the pace of growth in the third quarter was in line with expectations. Demand is particularly strong for the power semiconductors we produce for various applications ranging from renewables to data centers.”

“The market for electro-mobility also continues to accelerate. During the nine-month period ended June 2017 we acquired almost twice as much new business in this area for the coming five to ten years as in the entire previous fiscal year. Infineon is a leader in IGBTs for hybrid and electric cars, a technology which will prevail in this application for years to come. We are further expanding our strong position in this market. Overall, we confirm our outlook for the current fiscal year, despite strong headwinds caused by the weaker US dollar.”

The net cash position improved to €358 million from €32 million in the previous quarter.