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Socionext prototypes ‘sea of transcoders’ for 10x boost to server video performance

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-11
Socionext, the Matsushita-Fujitsu SoC jv,  has integrated a ‘sea of transcoders’ into 1RU servers designed to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in the number of channels per 1RU, power consumption per channel, and cost.

Socionext is currently evaluating a prototype and the company expects the product to be in operation by 2018.

The Socionext approach targets high-quality video, specifically the need for efficient and dense live transcoding for today’s standards and tomorrow’s 4K AVC/HEVC requirements.

The ‘sea of transcoders’ approach, married to server class CPUs, supports established software components like FFmpeg and GStreamer.

The approach, based on the company’s multi-format codec SoC MB86M30, is capable of real-time transcoding up to 256 Bundles of AVC/ HEVC Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streams (for 1080p60 input).

The MB86M30 handles all video-processing functions within a single chip, reducing power consumption to as low as 1/10th of conventional systems built with standard servers, directly cutting operating expenses (OPEX).

It supports encoding, decoding and transcoding of video and audio in MPEG2, AVC/ H.264 and HEVC/ H.265 with equal facility.

“Social Media is allowing every person to tell their story. New ways of reaching out, of sharing, have led to a proliferation in services, with video traffic taking the lion’s share of content,” says Socionext’s Tom Miyake, “by leveraging our deep experience in TV broadcast equipment, and a portfolio of complex video processing SoC devices, Socionext teams are developing accelerators beneath the surface of standard servers. Our target is to democratise video processing, and help operators deliver quality services at a fraction of current costs.”

It is estimated that 20% of worldwide server usage is applied to video encoding and transcoding.

The growing adoption of the new HEVC standard, which requires lower transmission rates to provide equivalent video quality at the cost of compute-intensive encoding, increases the complexity of processing video content.

“With equal support for MPEG2, AVC and HEVC, we have a future-proof offering that enables widespread support for live content, edge optimisation, conferencing, user-generated content and OTT Broadcast,”  says Socionext’s Yasuhiro Wakimoto.

Socionext is working with server partner companies to launch MB86M30 based accelerated servers in the fall of 2017.