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Socionext joins XVTEC to pursue video over IP

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-09-15
Socionext, the Matsushita-Fujitsu SoC jv, has joined up with XVTEC, the  Israeli video streaming specialist, to develop IP video streaming products.

The partnership is part of the Socionext “Media Cloud” initiative that addresses the ever-increasing and compute-intensive mass consumption of high-quality video. The collaboration with XVTEC is to strengthen Socionext’s contribution to the IP streaming ecosystem using one of its integral components – transmission of high-quality video over IP.

Socionext’s dedicated focus is on imaging technologies such as high quality, low-latency codecs for IP video streaming. XVTEC’s technology is centered on video compression and video processing that enable ultra-low latency in glass-to-glass transmission.

The combination of Socionext and XVTEC technologies will lead to the development of IP video streaming solution for video-on-demand (VOD), social networking services (SNS) and video conferencing, as well as medical, industrial, automotive, and entertainment applications.

“Socionext believes the solution coming from this cooperation will strengthen Socionext’s existing partnerships and establish new and productive relationships with cloud service providers, facilitate the implementation of the Socionext “Media Cloud” Initiative, and add to the company’s leadership position in the IP streaming ecosystem,” says Socionext CEO Amane Inoue, “highly professional and innovative human capital makes Israel a perfect candidate for Socionext’s management vision of open innovation.”.

“Both companies have the right human capital, innovation and vision which are the major key factors for success.” said Israel Goren, CEO at XVTEC, “the synergy between Socionext and XVTEC will lead to the development of unprecedented video over IP solutions.”