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Socionext SoC enables 360-deg cameras

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-20
Socionext, the Matsushita – Fujitsu SoC jv, has 360-degree spherical camera designs using their Milbeaut image signal processors.

The Socionext lineup includes two types of cameras to meet the growing and expanding needs for 360-degree camera applications.

The prosumer model is based on the company’s SC2000 high-performance processor, which is capable of real-time image stitching of 4K images.

The consumer model, a collaborative product with Cypress Semiconductor Corporation and ImmerVision, is designed to work with the MBG967 IoT series processor.

Each of the solutions comes with reference board design information and a software development kit. Equipment manufacturers can easily develop high-performance spherical cameras tailored for each of their unique applications.

The SC2000 is designed for high performance cameras, which require high-speed processing of vast amount of image data. Incorporating Socionext’s proprietary image processing algorithm, it consumes less than 2W of power in typical operating conditions.
Users can connect up to four cameras to the SC2000 and the chip can perform real-time stitching of video images, for 4K/30fps output.

A 360-degree spherical camera built with the SC2000 is an optimum solution for applications such as high-end action cameras and drones. It also delivers the perfect spherical images for video conference systems, as well as for theaters and sporting events.

The MBG967 for consumers powers an attachment camera that connects to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Thw “EZ-USB CX3” bridge chip conforms to USB3.0 and USB 2.0 and supports USB video class (UVC), providing connection that enables the high-definition, high-speed image capturing. ImmerVision’s patented panomorph optics technology and software realize the functionality that allows shooting of high quality 360-degree images even with compact cameras.

Socionext has started delivery of the 360-degree camera design with the Milbeaut MBG967, which can handle inputs from two cameras simultaneously.

The first offering of the solutions is a reference design with two 16M-pixel cameras mounted on 8cm x 8cm board. Socionext will expand the lineup to meet various resolution and frame rate requirements.