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SiTime and Intel to work on timing for wireless ICs .

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-25
MEMS timing specislist  SiTime and Intel are to work together on integrating timing for Intel’s 5G multi-mode radio modems, Intel’s 4G chips, and its  millimeter-wave wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GNSS products.

SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions enhance system performance in the presence of stressors such as vibration, high temperature, and rapid thermal transients.

Such stressors can disrupt the timing signal and result in network reliability issues, lower data throughput, and even connectivity drops.

In providing MEMS solutions to Intel’s 5G modem business, SiTime’s MEMS timing technology helps meet the performance requirements of emerging 5G radio modem platforms.

For 5G networks must become faster, more agile, and much denser, utilizing more equipment, reckons SiTime.

Systems will be deployed closer to connected devices and in uncontrolled locations such as on streetlamps, traffic lights, rooftops, stadiums, and parking garages.

In these settings, 5G devices will be subject to environmental stressors such as vibration, high temperature, and rapid temperature changes.