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SDRplay’s upgraded 14-bit SDR covers RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-11-15
SDRplay, the Wakefield software defined radio specialist, has upgraded its RSP1 entry level SDR receiver with an expanded and improved version called the RSP1A.

“Since launching the RSP1, we have learned a great deal about what people are looking for in SDR receivers, and where possible, we have incorporated these improvements and new features into the RSP1A,” says Jon Hudson, co-founder of SDRplay, “the SDR-play RSP1A is a major upgrade to the popular RSP1 and is a powerful wideband full featured 14-bit SDR which covers the RF spectrum from 1 kHz to 2 GHz.”

The RSP1A therefore delivers a significant number of additional features which result in benefits to amateur radio enthusiasts as well as significant benefits for the scientific, educational and industrial SDR community.

Here are the main additional features of the RSP1A compared to the original RSP1:

• ADC resolution increased to 14-bit native for sample rates below 6 MHz, increasing to 16 bits with decimation.

• Enhanced RF pre-selection (greater filter selectivity plus 4 additional sub-bands compared to the original RSP1)  for reduced levels of spurious responses

• Improved LNA architecture with variable gain. The RSP1 had just a single gain step.

• Improved intermodulation performance

• Performance extended to cover 1kHz to 2 GHz with a single antenna port.

• Bias-T facility   • Improved frequency stability incorporating a 0.5ppm TCXO (software trimmable to 0.01ppm)

• Selectable broadcast AM/FM/DAB notch filters

• RF shielding within the robust plastic casing   When used together SDRplay’s own SDRuno software, the RSP1A becomes a high performance SDR platform.

The benefits of using the RSP1A with SDRuno include:

• Highly integrated native support for the RSP1A

• Calibrated RF Power Meter with more than 100 dB of usable range • Calibrated S-Meter including support for IARU S-Meter Standard

• The ability to save power (dBm) and SNR (dB) measurements over time, to a CSV file for future analysis

• The IQ output wav files can be accessed for 3rd party applications

SDRplay has also worked with developers of the HDSDR, SDR-Console and Cubic SDR software packages to ensure compatibility.  As with the RSP1, SDRplay provides multiplatform driver and API support which includes Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Raspberry Pi 3.

There is even a downloadable SD card image available for Raspberry Pi3 which includes Cubic SDR.

The RSP1A is expected to retail at approximately £76 (excluding taxes) or $100 (excluding taxes)