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Rohde & Schwarz gives analyser 2GHz bandwidth for 5G work

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-30
Rohde & Schwarz is expanding the internal analysis bandwidth of its FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser up to 2GHz.

This is relevant to developers of 5G radio access technologies which need a very large bandwidth to analyse wideband signals. 

Adding this wideband option to the signal analysers, with frequency ranges up to 43.5 GHz and 50 GHz, should allow users to investigate wideband signals without the need for an external digitiser. 

The FSW-B2001 option provides 14-bit ADC resolution. An example SFDR figure is -65dBc for 1200MHz bandwidth. 

The instrument can be used to measure an EVM of around -40.0dB error vector magnitude with an OFDM signal (792MHz BW, 300kHz spacing, 64QAM, 4096 FFT) at 28GHz. 

With a bandwidth of up to 2000MHz, the instrument can now be used for the characterisation of wideband amplifiers for 5G. 

Aerospace and defence system developers will be able to use the 2 GHz analysis bandwidth to measure radar pulses down to nanosecond widths, and analyze frequency-agile radar or hopping radio systems.