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Home > News > Industry News > Ricoh launches charger chip

Ricoh launches charger chip

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-01-08
Ricoh Electronic has launched an IC for providing power and/or charging a wide range of devices.

USB Power Delivery is a technology that enables compliant devices to negotiate about what optimum power level is required for operation but also sets which device should operate as a power source or power sink.

The RN5U700 makes it possible to use one universal adapter for powering applications such as power banks, smartphones, tablets, laptops, docking stations, hubs, AC adapters, monitors etc.

Throughout the years, the USB port evolved from a simple external peripheral connector (combining a 5V power supply and data transmission) into a gateway that is able to connect to various devices with different requirements for the power supply, connecting data and video and has the possibility to change the active role of the connected device.

For this purpose, the RN5U700 is compliant to the USB-PD Rev.3.0 and USB-C Rev.1.2 standard. The chip has many integrated analog functions, which makes it possible to build a USB-PD system with only a few external components and reduces valuable board space.

For example, it has an option to operate in a standalone mode using an internal device policy manager but it is also possible to use an external microcontroller for this purpose. Another advantage of the RN5U700 is its low current consumption, in normal operation it consumes 1.6 mA and in sleep mode only 2.5 µA.

As for the power path control, an adjustable slew-rate control and discharge path is available when changing the VBUS voltage level; the slew-rate is either specified by OTP settings or by internal register. A 2 wire I2C interface makes it is possible to communicate with the RN5U700.

The USB PD standard allows for the delivery of power up to 100W, when power is at these levels there is a risk that a cable or product defect may result in overheating or worse. In order to minimize these risks, the RN5U700 has several protection circuits embedded like OVP, OCP and OTP. In addition, the CC1 / CC2 pins are protected by an internal OVP switch and tolerate voltages up to 20V.

The RN5U700 is able to drive external power switches in three different ways:

1. Nch FET Mode: Controls external N-channel MOSFETs, a boost circuit is built-in
2. Switch mode: Outputs a logic signal to an external switch IC
3. Open Drain mode: Controls external P-channel MOSFETs