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Home > News > Company News > Purdue re-designs FETs

Purdue re-designs FETs

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-15
Purdue University researchers have created a  design for FETs which makes them promising candidates for next generation nanodevices.

The re-engineered Purdue FET can offer better switching behaviour for computers and devices than traditional FETs.

“Our technology merges lasers and transistors,” said Purdue’s  Tillmann Kubis, “there is traditionally not a lot of overlap between these two areas, even though the combination can be powerful with the Internet of Things and other related fields.”

The combination of the quantum cascade laser and transistor technologies into a single design concept will help manufacturers of integrated circuits who want to build smaller and more transistors per unit area. The Purdue technology is designed to increase the speed, sensitivity and battery life of computers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

Some issues with the current transistor technology are that it has too low on-current densities or suppressed off-current densities, which often leads to a loss of power and reduced battery life.

The Purdue transistor and laser combination features a large on-current and a low off-current with a small subthreshold swing, which allows for increased speed and energy savings. The technology also combines or stacks several switching mechanisms that simultaneously turn the transistor on or off.

“What we have created here at Purdue really opens the door for the future of field effect transistors,” says Kubis, “it is exciting to be at the forefront of creating technology that will have such a wide impact across different areas.”.