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Powermat joins the Wireless Power Consortium

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-01-08
Powermat has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the standards development group- responsible for developing a standard for wireless power.

The Israeli company says it will contribute its inductive charging technology to the consortium to advance inductive wireless charging capabilities while maintaining backwards compatibility to the existing Qi ecosystem.

“Powermat was one of the pioneers that recognised the value of wireless charging.  By joining [the] WPC, it further unifies the wireless charging ecosystem behind the Qi global standard, which will accelerate wireless charging adoption and make it more convenient for consumers to use wireless charging wherever they go. WPC will leverage Powermat’s expertise in technology innovation to support more use cases including higher power and expanded special freedom.”

The company works with OEMs in the automotive (General Motors) and communications (AT&T, Samsung, LG and Motorola) sectors to integrate the wireless charging technology into products and with business like Starbuck, McDonalds and Whole Foods, with wireless charging networks in 3.2 million cars and 12,000 charging spots worldwide.

“Qi has become the dominant wireless charging standard on the market and the recently launched Apple iPhone lineup is evidence of this success”, said Elad Dubzinski, Powermat CEO. “Powermat will share technology innovation to further unlock wireless charging potential, and will expedite the growth of the wireless charging infrastructure, bringing wireless charging to wherever users need it”.

The WPC has over 360 company members, including Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics and Delphi.