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Power supplies offer up to 200kW of regulated power up to 100kV

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-08
Glassman has announced a series of 25 to 200kW regulated dc power supplies.

Called GX, they are the highest power units from the firm so far, with 19 models from 0-1kV through to 0-100kV. The basic unit is 25kW (the photo has five), and these can be connected in master-slave configurations to produce up to 200kW.

Rack-mountable, the input is 480Vac 3-phase as standard, with 380 and 415Vac available as an option.

Front panel control is microcontroller-based, and there are integral RS232 and USB serial ports, plus optional Ethernet.

High-resolution voltage and current programming is either via front panel digital encoders or external 0 to +10V analogue signals.

A ‘last setting memory’ feature stores power supply parameters at each AC turn off sequence.

Constant voltage and constant current operation automatically cross-over to protect against overloads, arcs and short circuits.

Also to prevent arcing, GX Series power supplies have both arc quenching and an automatic arc count. “The high-voltage output is inhibited after each load arc and internal circuitry continually senses and integrates arcs which occur over a given time period, so that should system or load arcing exceed factory-set parameters, the unit automatically cycles off, clears the fault and re-starts after a set time period,” said Glassman.

Adjustment between constant current and current trip is selected via a rear panel switch.

Efficiency is typically greater than 80% at full load, with ripple typically less than 0.1%rms of rated voltage at full load.

Cooling is forced-air, with redundant thermal overload protection that includes temperature sensing and fan speed monitoring. “Being air-insulated, rather than encapsulated or oil insulated, the GX Series is lighter in weight and easier to service than competitive power supplies,” claimed the firm.

Models are available now, with a three-year warranty for standard versions. OEM and modified models warranted for one year.