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Peratech and SMK collaborate on force-sensing

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-12
Peratech, the Richmond force-sensing specialist, has joined with US remote control company SMK Electronics to put Peratech’s technology into the SMK product line.

Peratech calls its technology Quantum Tunnelling Composites (QTC). 

Incorporating QTC force-sensing technology into a remote control improves the experience of using capacitive buttons, touchpads or directional pads, by requiring a press-with-force to send commands to the receiver. 

This eliminates the accidental input that capacitive buttons and touchpads can be prone to. 

QTC allows a light press to fast forward at 2x speed, medium press to fast forward at 4x speed, and hard press to skip to the next episode.
QTC can be integrated under virtually any surface including glass, wood, plastic, metal and leather to create a ‘smart surface’.
In a car, 3D touch sensors can be mounted under flat or curved surfaces and objects, enabling richer interactions with the car’s systems and ensuring buttons only respond when there’s genuine intent to press them.