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Panasonic says infrared sensor with lens increases radial sensitivity

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-09-18
Panasonic has added a patented lens to its infrared sensors which it says will increase the sensitivity for radial movements.

Pyroelectric passive infrared sensors use lenses to direct the incoming heat radiation to the sensor elements. If an object with a temperature that differs from the surroundings moves into the detection area, the sensor reacts.

Tangential movements, i.e. movement at a 90° angle to the sensor, respectively, are easier to detect than radial movements.

This means that the detection distance is smaller if the object moves towards the sensor, which a horizontally wide detection type is a benefit.

The new sensor, which is art of the EKMCxxx and EKMBxxx families, has a horizontal field of view of 150° and a vertical field of view of 35° (+10°/-25°).
As with the other detection types, the lenses are available in white, pearl white, and black.
The sensor has digital output (TTL/LVTTL) and with different standby currents of 1µA, 2µA, 6µA, and 170µA.
The low profile and the many colour variants allow users to integrate the sensors in an aesthetically pleasing way into modern buildings and facility management applications.