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PCIM: 1700V IGBT driver delivers 8A

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-05-19
“They are also ideal for the three-level topology photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic arrays leveraging the new 1,500V DC bus standard,” said the firm.

8A output drive, company spokesman Andrew Smith told Electronics Weekly at PICM in Nurnberg, comes from large output transistors made possible by the firm’s e-SOP package, which is larger than industry standard packages. It also has >9.5mm creepage and a CTI of 600. “The family meets the upcoming requirements of IEC 60747-17 and VDE 0884-17,” said the firm, adding that 8A is sufficient, for systems up to 110kW without an external booster stage.

Inside is the firm’s FluxLink bi-directional electro-magnetic isolated coupling, removing the need for opto-isolation and allowing operation over -40 to +125°C and up to 75kHz.

All key functions are in an internal asic. Included is de-saturation (short-circuit) protection with what the firm calls ‘advanced soft shut-down (ASSD) which, for example in a half-bridge configuration, detects a short-circuit in the other power transistor and shuts-down this transistor gracefully.

As the firm’s isolation technology is data-only, and external isolated auxiliary power supply is required. This only needs to deliver a single 22-30V rail as converters in the device create internal 15V and -8V rails from that.

The first product is SID1183K, and applications are expected in industrial drives, power supplies, UPSs, photovoltaic inverters, industrial HVAC, electric vehicle charging and traction equipment including commercial EVs (The firm is not automotive qualified, but “we are big in e-busses in China,” said Smith).