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Osram reveals future of LED automotive headlights

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-09-26
LED make Osram has revealed the prototype for its thousand pixel matrix headlight LED.

By pixelating the light source, arbitrary headlight beam patters can be created, extending the concept of main/dip beam to complex beam shapes that minimise dazzle while maximising useful illumination for the driver.

Sketch of Eviyos

Branded Eviyos, the 1,024 pixels are combined in a 4 x 4mm light source with a minimum luminous flux of 3 lm/pixel, with prototypes producing 4.6 lm/pixel, said the firm.

Per-pixel dimming control electronics are included within the LED. “Eviyos is not only compact and powerful but also energy-efficient thanks to the precise control and dimmability of the individual pixels. The only pixels that are ever on are the ones that are actually needed at the time,” said Osram.

How pixels could be usefully dimmed in a headlamp beam – Osram is cheating with its artist’s impression, which has ~2,300 pixels.

This differentiates if from existing variable beam headlights, which use a constantly-on metal halide light source and a variable shadow mask to absorb unwanted light.

Camera feedback is used to turn off of dim pixels that would cause light to shine in the eyes of on-coming road users, or reflective roadsigns that could dazzle the user.

The device has come from the multi-organisation ‘μAFS’ research project, coordinated by Osram, which finished in 2016.

“With Eviyos we are helping to make the roads safer and improve comfort and convenience for drivers. We are proud that we can present the first prototype so soon after completing the research project. We are now another stage further toward series production”, said Osram marketing manager Thomas Christl.

Products are planned for the start of 2020.

The prototype will be on show at ISAL in Darmstadt this week.