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Omnivision sampling 0.9 micron sensors

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-01-04
OmniVision is sampling  24-megapixel (Mp) OV24A sensor family, built on the PureCelPlus stacked die architecture.

These are OmniVision’s first 0.9-micron pixel sensors, enabling high-performance rear- and front-facing smartphone cameras with high-resolution images and advanced features.

OmniVision’s PureCel Plus stacked die 0.9-micron pixel leverages multiple generations of advanced pixel technologies to match the latest 1.0-micron pixel quantum-efficiency performance. This enables higher-resolution pictures and video in a compact form factor.

The OV24A sensor family consists of three individual products: the OV24A1Q, OV24A1B and OV24A10. All three versions of the OV24A sensors can support phase-detection autofocus. The OV24A1Q, with its unique 4-cell color filter pattern, is suitable for front-facing camera applications.

This sensor has an on-chip, in-pixel binning feature that captures four times more light photons than a regular 0.9-micron pixel. The result is higher image quality in low-light conditions. Additionally, an application can recover an image to full 24Mp resolution, when paired with OmniVision’s software solution.

The OV24A1B (monochrome) and OV24A10 (Bayer) are used for main-camera and/or dual-camera configurations, enabling zoom and Bokeh features, and improved low-light performance.

Additionally, increasing image quality for the rear-facing main smartphone camera remains of the utmost importance to most consumers. When it is paired in a dual-camera configuration, the OV24A10 and/or OV24A1B sensors’ 24Mp resolution provides a higher zoom ratio, portrait mode effect, and higher quality still images and video in low light.

High dynamic range (HDR) is also very important for excellent camera performance, including both video chat and still photos. The OV24A1Q and OV24A10 provide HDR for an enhanced user experience. These sensors can capture still HDR images, as well as HDR video with full resolution at 30 frames per second.