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Nobel Laureate to address IEDM

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-21
Dr. Hiroshi Amano, who received the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics along with Isamu Akasaki and Shuji Nakamura for the invention of efficient blue LEDs, will give a talk on transformative electronics at this year’s IEDM at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco on December 2-6.

Other IEDM plenary presenters include the CEO of AMD and the research chief of TSMC.

The deadline for papers is August 2 with a limited late paper deadline of September 11. 

Focus Sessions will be held on: 3D Integration and Packaging; Modeling Challenges for Neuromorphic Computing; Nanosensors for Disease Diagnostics; and Silicon Photonics: Current status and perspectives. 

A vendor exhibition will be held and The IEEE Magnetics Society will host a poster session on MRAM (magnetic RAM memories).

On Saturday Dec. 2,  a program of 90-minute tutorial sessions on emerging technologies will be presented by experts:
• The Evolution of Logic Transistors Toward Low Power and High Performance IoT Applications, Dr. Dae Won Ha, Samsung Electronics
• Negative Capacitance Transistors, Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin, UC Berkeley
• Fundamental, Thermal, and Energy Limits of PCM and ReRAM, Prof. Eric Pop, Stanford University
• Hardware Opportunities in Cognitive Computing: Near- and Far-Term, Dr. Geoffrey Burr, Principal Research Staff Member, IBM Research-Almaden
• 2.5D Interposers and High-Density Fanout Packaging as Enablers for Future Systems Integration, Dr. Sundaram Venkatesh, Associate Director, Georgia Tech 3D Systems Packaging Research Center

On Sunday, Dec. 3, Short Courses will provide the opportunity to learn about important areas and developments, and provide the opportunity to network with experts from around the world. Advance registration is recommended.
• Performance Boosters and Variation Management in Sub-5nm CMOS, organized by Sandy Liao, Intel
• Merged Memory-Logic Technologies and Their Applications, organized by Kevin Zhang, TSMC

On Monday, Dec. 4 plenary sessions are:
• System Scaling Innovation for Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing, Jack Sun, VP of R&D, TSMC
• Driving the Future of High-Performance Computing, Lisa Su, President & CEO, AMD
• Energy-Efficient Computing and Sensing: From Silicon to the Cloud, Adrian Ionescu, Professor, EPFL

On  Tuesday evening, Dec. 5, the IEDM offers attendees an evening session where panels of experts give their views on important industry topics. Audience participation is encouraged to foster an open and vigorous exchange of ideas.
• Who Will Lead the Industry in the Future? Moderator: Prof. Philip Wong, Stanford University

On Wednesday, Dec. 6 the plenary session will be: 
• Development of a Sustainable Smart Society by Transformative Electronics, Hiroshi Amano, Professor, Nagoya University