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Home > News > Industry News > Nexperia adds 80V MOSFETs

Nexperia adds 80V MOSFETs

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-09-26
Nexperia,  the former Standard Products division of NXP, has brought out a range of 80V dual Power-SO8 MOSFETs in LFPAK56D packages.

With the addition of this new 80V range of MOSFETs Nexperia now has devices, ranging from 30V to 100V.

LFPAK56D is automotive qualified to AEC-Q101 and the  copper clip gull wing package technology is for thermally demanding applications such as engine management, transmission control and ABS systems.

The chip has two isolated MOSFETs in one Power-SO8 package and occupies 77% less PCB space than two DPAK’s or 50% less space than a single Power-SO8 device.

80V technology extends Nexperia’s LFPAK family of gull wing, copper clip devices in LFPAK56, LFPAK56D and LFPAK33.

“Engine management is a thermally demanding application space, with PCB modules exposed to harsh temperature cycles,” says Nexperia’s Richard Ogden, “these temperature cycles cause the PCB to expand and contract resulting in significant stress on the PCB solder joints. Due to the unique design of the LFPAK56D these stresses on the PCB solder joints are absorbed resulting in excellent board level reliability. By combining innovative internal and external package features the LFPAK56D is the ideal MOSFET for engine management systems.”

LFPAK56D is typically used in applications such as solenoid control, motor control and DC/DC power conversion, with the 80 V portfolio specifically aimed at engine management and LED lighting applications.