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NXP’s entry-level 32bit IoT processor

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-23
With the LPC84x family of 30MHz ARM Cortex M0+ processors, NXP is pitching for entry-level IoT design-ins.

“Upon power-up, its ‘fast access initialisation memory’allows the clocks to be started in a low frequency mode, keeping start-up current consumption to a minimum. Additionally, its input and output ports can come up immediately and in its desired configuration, eliminating,” claimed NXP, “any potential termination issues with attached devices, such as mosfets.”

Peripherals include a 32-bit state-configurable timer with PWM, DMA, autonomous serial interfaces and an IO switch matrix that allows any peripheral function to be assigned to any of 56 pins.

The family “offers developers a path to” 64kbyte of flash, said NXP and 16kbyte of RAM.

Analogue interfaces include a 12bit ADC, a 10bit DAC with two outputs.

Called the FRO (free-running oscillator), the on-chip oscillator provides various frequencies from 1,125 to 30MHz to be used as a system clock. trimmed accuracy is 1% accuracy over voltage and 0-70°C.

Within the family, LPC845 offers capacitive touch-sensing which can operate in sleep and deep sleep modes. Up to nine buttons (optionally configured as slider or rotary) are possible, and there are libraries to add auto-calibration for noisy or wet environments, Evaluation kits and software packages wil be available Q3 2017 at the earliest.

Packages include LQFP64, LQFP48, HVQFN48 and HVQFN33.
Devices, peripheral drivers, example software and tools including the LPCXpresso845-MAX development board (OM13097) are available now.