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NXP moves solid-state RF energy design to new level

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-22
NXP Semiconductors has developed a power transistor for 915MHz applications which is its highest power device in this frequency class.

The 50V silicon LDMOS power transistor has been designed to deliver 750W continuous wave (CW).

It is intended to move microwave generator design out of the vacuum tube-era where technologies such as magnetrons are the norm.

The MRF13750H transistor supports accurate power control over the full dynamic range from 0 to 750W, and enables frequency shifting that helps make precise use of RF energy.

It operates at 50V, for greater safety than magnetrons. Finally, the small size of a solid-state power amplifier enables redundancy and flexibility of design.

This is part of the process of moving heating and RF energy design to solid-state technology.

Pierre Piel, general manager of the RF Power business at NXP, writes:

“The reliability and enhanced control features of solid-state have long been understood, but industrial system designers had difficulties combining many transistors to match the power level of magnetrons.”
This new transistor is designed for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications ranging from 700 to 1300MHz, especially industrial heating/drying, curing, and material welding, as well as particle accelerators.

It delivers 750W CW at 915MHz with 67% efficiency in a small 3 × 3.8 inch (7.6 × 9.7 cm) pallet.

The MRF13750H is sampling today and will be in production in December 2017. The 915MHz CW reference circuit is available today.