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Home > News > Company News > Mouser looks at traffic jams

Mouser looks at traffic jams

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-18
Mouser has brought out a video for its Shaping Smarter Cities series in which  Grant Imahara travels to Porto to investigate how innovators are using technology to help with infrastructure problems caused by rapid urban expansion — specifically massive traffic congestion.

The series is supported by ADI, Intel, Microchip and Molex. 

With residents in Porto spending an average of 120 hours a year in traffic, both corporate productivity and the environment have been under assault for decades. 

Imahara speaks with engineers from Veniam, a Porto-based technology company that has developed a potential solution to stagnant traffic. 

By implementing large Wi-Fi mesh networks in cities across the world, which use vehicles as roving hotspots, Veniam can gather large quantities of usable data for better traffic management and municipal planning. 

The networks further benefit citizens by enabling publicly available Wi-Fi connections throughout the city. 

“While technology will be the means to create smarter cities, innovators will be the catalysts who actually make it happen,” says Moyser CEO Glenn Smith,  “what we are witnessing in this new video series are some of the world’s best engineers and innovators at the very start of a movement that will make life easier for future generations.” 

Imahara interviews João Barros, founder and CEO of Veniam, to provide additional details on the hardware and software used to turn moving vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots. Barros also explains how the collected data can be used to alleviate street congestion, assist with fleet management, help self-driving cars, and improve efficiency for commercial delivery industries — all to provide better infrastructure for smarter cities.