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MWC: Ericsson can supply 5G infrastructure this year

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-02-27
Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm (pictured)  told the MWC audience that  Ericsson can supply operators with 5G infrastructure as from Q4.

Ekolm said that the commercial deployment of 5G will initially be for mobile broadband.

“We believe network slicing is critical as we move into the 5G world; we performed a joint study with DT that showed a cost reduction in the core of the network of 40% and at the same time creating a potential for revenue increase of 35%compared to one large network,” said Ekholm.

On the vexed issue of net neutrality, Ekholm said there were cases where it should not apply. He gave the example of remote surgery as one application which should not be subject to the principle.

“We believe governments need to make new spectrum available in the mid band and the high bands,” Ekholm said. “This is really critical for 5G capacity and performance. We believe this will complement the current low band that’s available in sub-2GHz spectrum today.

“Nations will also need to provide a stable regulatory environment and access to harmonised frequency bands as the foundation for 5G infrastructure. In addition, we need to have a faster permitting process to allow for a faster build-up of 5G.

“In short, government must start to look at mobile infrastructure as a critical national resource, and not just a resource for tax dollars.”

Earlier this month the White House proposed that the US government should build the nation’s 5G network.