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LuxLive round-up

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-11-29
LuxLive as usual was a vibrant show, held once again a ExCel in London’s docklands.

It is a tribute to just how far LEDs have penetrated the lighting market.

Sadly, Electronics Weekly did not have time to visit the many Far Eastern manufacturers there, and steered away from most of the networking technology on show as it is covered in Electronics Weekly most weeks.

Here are just a few of the highlights seen amongst the exhibitors.

High CRI LED lighting

Nichia leds approach CRI=100 without UV die

Nichia is claiming almost a CRI of ~100 without resorting to a UV die. It has combined a 420nm blue die with five phosphors: Apatite blue, silicate-based, LuAG, SCASN and an improved MGF.

Samsung unveils ultra-high CRI leds

Samsung was talking about ultra-high colour rendering (for leds), with typical Ra97 R1 to R15 from the latest of itsD-Series CoBs (pictured).

There was also a very efficient mid-power – 220 lm/W
At last, 100 lm/W domestic downlighters

Aurora soon to hit 100 lm/W with fire-rated downlighter.

Aurora Lighting’s soon-to-be-released 6W E6pro dimmable fire-rated downlighter for domestic use achieves 100 lm/W.

And more

All Led domestic downlighters hit 100 lm/W
All Led’s already-released 10W AFD010D dimmable fire-rated downlighter for domestic use achieves 100 lm/W.
And more


Khatod makes it crystal clear with silicone
For high temperature use, lens-maker Khatod is making silicone versions of optics from all of its ranges.
And there’s more

Ledil shows CoB-optics adaptors
Ledil has a range of adaptors that adapt a wide range of CoB LEDs to six of its optics ranges.

And more


Harwin takes minimalism to extremes with led strip connector
In a very near piece of inovation, UK connector maker Harwin has reduced strip-to-strip connection to its bare minimum.


Harvard re-vamps CoolLED LED driver range
Harvard Technology unveiled the next generation of its CoolLED drivers. “Smaller, lighter, more efficient and completely flicker-free,” is the claim, as well as dimming to 0.1% in some variants.


LuxLive: Toshiba talks Bluetooth Mesh
Toshiba wasn’t at LuxLive to talk about its high CRI LEDs, but it was there to promote Bluetooth Mesh, particularly in its Bluetooth 5 long-range incarnation.

Danles has first Casambi-enabled controls – for Bluetooth-only control
UK controls firm Danlers launched a range of energy saving controls in collaboration with Casambi at LuxLive. Using only Bluetooth low energy mesh, it works without a wired gateway or Wi-Fi network.

Big manufactureres

Integral Led’s clever downlighter, and ‘spotless’ strip
Integral has re-invented the separate-bulb downlighter, and managed to achieve a household 30-60-90min fire rating without the traditional metal can.

Tamlite spreads light
UK lighting manufacturer had plenty to see.

Fern Howard on show
And Fern Howard had a lot on its stand.