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Low-pressure over-moulding service

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-31
EC Electronics is offering low-pressure over-moulding encapsulation for PCBs and cable assemblies from its facilities in the UK and Romania.

“All four factories will offer over-moulding: Basingstoke and Theale in the UK plus two in Romania, with prototyping and NPI being a focus for over-moulding in the UK, and production in the two Romanian sites,” a spokeswoman for the company told Electronics Weekly.

The process is an alternative between traditional potting and injection moulding.

“Although initially used in the automotive industry to waterproof connectors and to add strain-relief for wires and cables, over-moulding is now used to provide electronics encapsulation across a wide range of industries, from consumer to the military and medical industry,” said marketing director Phil Simmonds, claiming: “It allows you to protect your PCB and cable assemblies with an almost unbreakable, shock-proof solution, protected against the elements.”

By combining wires, connectors and PCBs into one single seamless piece, over-moulding can also ease assembly, and render assemblies tamper-resistant.

part numbers and colour coding can be added for identification, mating assistance and a more attractive look.

Other reasons to overmould, according to Simmonds are:

  • Health and safety: keeping cables together to reducing the risks of trips and slips and potential hazards. 
  • Protection from harmful chemicals, sunshine, snow and rain 
  • Mitigating or deterring damage from rodents and other wildlife 

Unlike potting, he added, there is no need for housing and there is little waste throughout the process.