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Kelvin connectors for four-wire measurments

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-01-04
Schützinger’s Kelvin four-wire measurement connectors are now available from JPR Electronics.

The connectors allow engineers to measure current and voltage through two opposing measurement channels removing any effects on the measured result due to the resistance of the measuring leads and thermo-voltages.

Due to the coaxial arrangement of plug contacts at the instrument end, minimal space is consumed within the measuring tool housing, and the system is compatible with standard 4 mm safety plugs so other measuring tasks can be carried out using just two sockets.

“Kelvin measurements often have to be made using un-terminated, bare wire ends,” said JPR. “For measurements to be made from test objects with un-terminated wires JPR can supply Schützinger Kelvin quick-release terminals, which are ideal for situations where a lead or cable needs to be connected to an instrument safely and quickly.”

This can be useful for inspection during production because it can be installed permanently and used to clamp a lead between two poles – a specially designed clamp holds the lead in place to ensure the contact is secure and shock-proof.

“Even the finest wires are securely held by a built-in ratcheted plate,” said JPR. “Releasing the lead is as quick as pressing the button that opens the circuit. The terminal can be supplied colour coded black and red for four-wire measurement.”

JPR can also supply the Kelvin-Adapterbox – something that was initially designed for demonstrating the different types of Schützinger Kelvin accessories, bur, according to JPR, is increasingly used as an adaptor for connecting specific test accessories to sensing systems made by different manufacturers.

It allows connections from four individual standard 4mm plugs to two standard BNC sockets on an instrument or two bare wires to a multimeter by using on-board Kelvin quick-release terminals.

Plus, two 4mm Kelvin safety sockets are installed on the box’s short side; the corresponding 4mm Kelvin safety lamella-basket plug, including accessories, is also available from JPR.

The commonly used connection with four individual safety sockets is on the long side of the box.

A circuit diagram printed on the housing shows how the different interfaces are connected to each other so that they can be used in pairs for 4-wire measurement.