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JTAG Technologies module brings PXI into play for hi-rel test

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-26
JTAG Technologies has introduced a JTAG/boundary-scan test hardware interface for multiple interconnects in ATE systems using MAC Panel connection systems.

The module provides an interface between the test firm’s PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel ‘Scout’ connection system.

Designated JT 2147/eDAK, the module employs the firm’s QuadPod active interface.

It provides four independent JTAG Test Access Ports (TAPs) as well as 64 digital I/O scan channels plus 16 ‘static’ DIOs.

Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels and two can also be reconfigured to operate as other test and programming interfaces such as BDM or SWD.

Peter van den Eijnden, managing director writes: “Within high-reliability testers within mil/aero and other sectors, the JT 2147/eDAK will greatly simplify the system builder’s tasks and enhance the power of their test systems through improved signal conditioning.”

JTAG/boundary-scan applications can be executed on the PXI platform with driver packages that are available for NI LabView, TestStand and LabWindows alongside Geotest ATEasy and a number of generic language compilers (e.g. .NET framework, C++ and VB).

The connection between the PXI instrument and receiver module is accomplished using either a passive printed circuit board, active signal condition module (as with the JT 2147/eDAK) or flex circuit.