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Imagination, BT and Intercede collaborate on Trust Continuum

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-12
Imagination, BT and digital ID specialist Intercede have collaborated on a chip-based IoT security system.

The ‘Trust Continuum’ shows how SoCs for home gateway routers can be architected to address the growing security and management challenges presented by the proliferation of IoT devices, services and technologies entering the home.

The Trust Continuum focuses on architectural innovation in gateway router design. Routers, which traditionally manage network traffic between the home network and the Internet, can now become secure, intelligent hubs for all IoT devices and services within the home.

Consumers will benefit from added security, privacy and an intuitive user experience. Operators will benefit from implementing compelling and lucrative new business models with the flexibility to continually add and manage new trusted services.

The Trust Continuum, demonstrated as part of the event’s cyber security track, defines a way for home gateway manufacturers, operators and service providers to guarantee establishment of trust from silicon through to service provisioning.

They can ensure a connected device is on a trusted path, running authentic manufacturer-installed software, and operating in its intended state. With this foundation, a server can trust the device that is attempting to access its services, and the device can trust that it is accessing the appropriate services.

The group is defining the APIs necessary to ensure hardware-enforced, end-to-end security in the evolving service-based economy, and is rolling out the first of those APIs imminently for peer review.