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IIoT consortium formed

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-31
Advantech, Behr Technologies (BTI), Hitachi Solutions America, and Microsoft are collaborating to deliver wireless communications for private industrial internet of things (IIoT) networks.

The joint effort will provide a mass-market, end-to-end wireless gateway to ensure connectivity with sensors for production-level industrial and commercial applications.

This collaboration aims to meet growing demand in the marketplace for robust and comprehensive out-of-the-box wireless IIoT communications solutions to connect the various sensors used by industrial and commercial customers in their business intelligence efforts.

The foundation for the joint effort is BTI MIOTY, an LPWAN communications solution that  uses the ETSI standard telegram splitting ultra-narrow band (TS-UNB) technical specification for low throughput networks, enabling organizations to deploy private IoT sensor networks.

Using industry-standard Advantech gateways, BTI MIOTY will transmit up to 1.5 million messages per day within a radius of five to 15 kilometers, with no carrier requirements.

Layered atop this infrastructure, Hitachi Solutions’ IoT Service Hub will enable organizations to connect and monitor devices and analyze the data in real time to dramatically improve operational efficiencies.

The first application resulting from this collaboration is for workforce safety using the BTI MIOTY LPWAN on an industry-standard gateway.

Using a wearable device to monitor the heart rate of workers in industrial high-risk environments, data on the health of hundreds of workers is transmitted over unlicensed, sub-gigahertz frequencies via BTI MIOTY to a single Advantech base station.

From there, it is communicated to the Microsoft Cloud, where Hitachi Solutions’ IoT Service Hub can provide actionable insights on workers’ health and send alerts when workers are in danger.

Employers, such as mining site operators, can deploy this to protect their workforce.