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Heavy duty connector snaps on

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-06-22
In its R6 generation, Amphenol has increased the capacity of its 8mm Radsok terminals, creating the Radsock NG whose single circuit can carry 220A at 40°C ambient. It can also work with 160A at up to 100°C.

Both of these figures are with 35mm² cable ( 35-50mm² cable is the range) and without the housing (housing is installed in the photo).

Rated voltage is 60V ac or dc, and the temperature range is -40 to +120°C (IEC 60512-11-9).

“Key players in several industries started using this technology already more than two decades ago,” said Amphenol. “The R6 design features an increased current carrying capacity at a reduced size. Amphenol started to implement the R6 design on the most famous Active Pinlock Connector. It is especially targeted at energy storage systems, machine builders and electrical vehicles.”

When fitted, the housing makes the terminals touch-proof. Protection is IP2x.

Other applications foreseen are: industrial robots, agriculture, construction equipment commercial aircraft, military aircraft and satellites.