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Government publishes first tranche of Brexit guidance

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-24
The UK government has published the first tranche of guidance should the UK leave the EU with ‘no deal’.

They can be found here on the Department for exiting the European Union website.

According to the Department in the introductory document: “This document puts the government’s technical notices in context, explaining the current progress in negotiations and the unlikely circumstances in which a no deal scenario might materialise. It also explains the government’s overarching approach to preparing the UK for this outcome in order to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth and orderly exit in all scenarios.”

A quick glance – so check yourself – suggests that the guidance covers ‘what paperwork will I need for…’ questions thoroughly, but not ‘how long will my goods be held up at Dover on Day One’ type questions.

Import and export is covered in the first tranche (including VAT postponement at the border), as well as medicines and farming, but not specifically electronics. However, those in EU funded research projects have ‘The government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal‘ and ‘Horizon 2020 funding if there’s no Brexit deal‘.