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GloFo launches auto FPCU

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-08-04
Globalfoundries and Silicon Mobility have  produced an automotive Field Programmable Controller Unit (FPCU) solution, called OLEA T222.  PDKs are available. The FPCU uses GF’s 55nm Low Power Extended (55LPx) process, which is currently in volume production at GloFo’s Singapore fab, and  Silicon Storage Technology’s (SST) SuperFlash memory IP.

OLEA T222 allows automotive processing to be fully deterministic through embedding a Flexible Logic Unit (FLU), with up-to 40 times acceleration, into the control processor architecture to accelerate the processing and control of real-time events.

With FLU acceleration, OLEA T222 increases the quality of energy conversion controls to increase safety and achieve ASIL-D for ultra-fast safety applications. Moreover, automotive manufacturers can enhance energy efficiency of DC/DC and AC/DC controls as well as increase battery range, durability, and charging speed for electric motors.

“Efficiency of electric motors, power converters, and battery chargers are key factors for hybrid and electric vehicle control systems,” says Silicon Mobility’s  Vincent Cruvellier,  “GF’s 55LPx platform, with its fast, low-power logic and Automotive Grade 1 qualification, combined with SST’s highly-reliable SuperFlash memory technology, allowed us to integrate multiple functions into a single chip, creating the OLEA T222 product.”

GF’s 55nm LPx RF-enabled, automotive-qualified platform provides a fast path-to-product solution that includes silicon qualified RF IP, SST’s highly-reliable SuperFlash memory technology that features:

Read speed <10ns.
Data retention > 20 years
Endurance > 200K cycles
Fully qualification for Auto Grade 1 operation (AEC-Q100)