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Glaxo turns to AI specialist Exscientia for new drug development

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-03
GSK has signed up Exscientia of Dundee to provide AI technology to develop new drugs. If targets are met, Exscientia will receive $43 million from the deal

‘We are the first company to automate drug design,’ says Exscientia. 

Exscientia claims to be able to identify new opportunities for new drugs in around a quarter of the time and cost of the traditional approach to identifying new targets for drug development. 

Having identified the opportunity, drug companies then look for a molecule or compound which delivers a cure. 

The whole process from identifying the opportunity to discovering the compound which addresses it normally takes 5.5 years and GSK’s target is to reduce this to one year. 

“Many large pharma companies are starting to realise the potential of this approach and how it can help improve efficiencies,” says Exscientia CEO Andrew Hopkins. 

Exscientia also has a tie-up with Sanofi.