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Fujitsu Labs expands co-creation technology

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-09-04
Fujitsu Laboratories has expanded its Creative Digital Space User-Interface (UI) technology which enables co-creation activities across multiple locations.

Previous Creative Digital Space technology has streamlined the sharing of information amongst numerous people by enabling collaboration through connecting multiple large screens and other devices in a single location.

When sharing data between multiple locations, however, the data is mainly stored in the cloud and not accessible concurrently.

For this reason, with co-creation activities that require repeated exchanges of ideas and edits to the data, factors such as only one user at a time being able to access, external network lag and others impact the user experience, making smooth communication impossible.

Now, Fujitsu  has developed a distributed data sharing technology which stores data locally at each location, not in the cloud.

Depending on network latency between each location, this technology only synchronizes necessary differences in data, while eliminating unnecessary data, such as trajectory data when content is moved, providing smooth data usage across multiple locations.

Additionally, Fujitsu  has developed an awareness propagation technology to enable remote users to know if something is being added or changed in another location to help avoid the conflicting operations that can happen when data is freely accessed from any point, improving the efficiency of co-creation activities across multiple locations.

With these technologies, users on the manufacturing front lines, for example, can connect with their colleagues in design locations and  overseas manufacturing bases, enabling the resolution of problems through the quick sharing of data, and thereby creating a more expansive world where co-creation space can expand via networks or the internet.