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French research centre sets up autonomous vehicle project with Transdev

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-07-10
French research institute, Leti has teamed up with Transdev, a provider of services for autonomous vehicles, and the IRT Nanoelec research centre in a project to characterise and assess LiDAR sensors to improve performance and safety of autonomous vehicles.

LIDAR (or Light Detection and Ranging) is a sensing technique used in moving vehicles that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure range and position.

Typically used to make high-resolution maps, LiDAR is also now being used in control and navigation for some autonomous vehicles.

Evaluating sensor effectiveness and robustness is critical in the development of autonomous vehicle systems that will allow the operation of autonomous vehicles fleets in a maximum of environmental conditions safely and securely.

Leti teams will focus on perception requirements and challenges from a LiDAR system perspective and evaluate the sensors in real-world conditions. Vehicles will be exposed to objects with varying reflectivity, such as tires and street signs, as well as environmental conditions, such as weather, available light and fog.

The project will also produce a list of criteria and objective parameters by which various commercial LiDAR systems could be evaluated.

“As an innovative supplier of autonomous transportation vehicles for smart cities, Transdev is leading the procession toward responsive, efficient and safe services with buses and shuttles,” said Leti CEO, Emmanuel Sabonnadière.

“This project will build on Leti’s sensor-fusion knowhow and sensor development expertise to strengthen Transdev’s testing and evaluation of sensors for its vehicles.”