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Free electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidance

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2017-07-14
UK Power Networks has published a free guide on the basics of installing electric vehicle charging points at your house or company – from kW to MW installations.

It is called ‘Getting electric vehicles moving, all you need to know about getting an electricity connection for your fleet‘. 

The guide is a top-level skim over the subject, but at least sets the scene for anyone considering taking their organisation electric. 

Included is an interesting case-study, where 2.5MW of electric charging for busses in London was installed despite limitations on the local high-voltage network. 

Rather than a nine month programme to beef-up the feed, the answer was to use a timed output and only allow busses to take full load during night-time off-peak hours when surrounding local load was at a minimum. 500kW is available in the day-time for top-up charging. 

Waterloo bus garage, for that is where it is, was officially opened in September last year.