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Differential amps have 94dB minimum CMRR

  • Author:Ella Cai
  • Release on:2018-08-15
Analog Devices has released a set of differential-in differential-out amplifiers win a minimum CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) of 94dB.

Based on the existing LTC6363 differential amplifier which needs external resistors, they have built-in matched resistors. “Resistor matching is equivalent to a 0.002%. Initial gain accuracy is 45ppm maximum and varies by only 0.5ppm/°C maximum over temperature,” said the firm.  “The precision resistors have been designed with overall system performance in mind, striking a balance between noise and linearity, and utilising laser trimmed factory calibration.”

The three parts are LTC6363-0.5, LTC6363-1 and LTC6363-2 with, respectively, fixed gains of 0.5, 1 and 2V/V. While the original LTC6363 was available in both 3 x 5mm MSOP and 2 x 3mm DFN packages, the new parts only come in MSOP.

Operation for the entire LTC6363 family is from supplies between 2.8V and 11V (±1.4V to ±5.5V) – while typically drawing 1.75mA – and from -40°C to 125°C.

Product design manager Maziar Tavakoli sees the amplifier’s balance of power consumption noise and linearity and precision meeting driving needs of high performance successive-approximation analogue to digital converters.

“For example, the LTC2378-20 20bit SAR ADC consumes 21mW at 1Msample/s,” he said. “The LTC6363 family’s noise and linearity have negligible impact on ADC performance while consuming a mere 19mW, comparable to the ADC’s power consumption.  Now with the LTC6363-0.5, LTC6363-1 and LTC6363-2 you can get this same ADC driving performance plus the added precision afforded by the precision integrated resistors.”

Driving 20bit ΣΔ ADCs is another use.

LTC6363-x.x series:

  • Differential rail-to-rail outputs 
  • Input common-mode range includes ground 
  • 0.5V/V, 1V/V, or 2V/V fixed gain 
  • 2.9nV/√Hz input-referred noise 
  • 45ppm max gain error 
  • 0.5ppm/°C max gain error drift 
  • 94dB min CMRR 
  • 100μV max input offset 
  • 50nA max input offset 
  • 720ns settling to 18bit (8Vp-p output) 
  • 118dB SFDR  (2kHz 18Vp-p) 
  • 500MHz gain.bandwidth 
  • 35MHz bandwidth (–3dB) 
  • 2.8V to 11V (±1.4V to ±5.5V) supply 
  • 2mA max supply 
  • 20μA shut-down (3V supply) 
  • 8-pin MSOP